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Why Choose Atlas Aphasia Center?

View of a desk with a computer (videoconference in session on-screen), a keyboard, post-it notes, and various other office supplies. You can see a person's arms sitting at the desk with an open notebook and pen, ready to take notes.

1) Affordability

We believe that communication is a basic human right. Atlas is dedicated to providing high-quality aphasia therapy at a low hourly cost. You can use Atlas to supplement your current speech therapy, or to continue services after medical insurance runs out. We say "no" to the plateau!

2) Expertise

Atlas works exclusively with people with aphasia. This is our specialty. We provide high quality treatment across all language domains, including expressive language, auditory comprehension, reading, and writing. (These are separate skills!)

A man sits at the kitchen table with a croissant, orange juice, and coffee. He is working on his laptop, and his dog is next to him, sniffing his face

3) Individualized Therapy

Personalized treatment goals are a top priority. We want your input for treatment goals to help maximize functional communication and keep motivation high. Share your favorite sports teams, music, pets, and hobbies for use in therapy activities.

4) Commitment

Our staff is dedicated to helping individuals with aphasia improve. We will do anything within reason for a motivated client. We will provide homework, training videos, real-life communication scenarios, and more.

5) Community

Having aphasia can be very isolating. We provide opportunities to socialize, both inside and outside of the clinic. You can participate in conversation groups, book clubs, game nights, karaoke, and other activities to practice what you’ve learned (and have fun)!

Atlas Aphasia Center provides individual and group speech therapy for adults with aphasia. This is often due to stroke, brain tumor, or other brain injury. We also provide services for family members, friends, and caregivers. Contact us to learn more!


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