Program Costs



Therapy: $30/session  (55 minutes)

Initial Evaluation: $150

2021 Calendar


WINTER          Jan. 4 - Mar. 12

SPRING          Mar. 29 - June 4

                              *No therapy May 31


SUMMER       June 21 - Aug. 27

                       *No therapy July 5


FALL                Sept. 27 - Dec. 10 

                        *No therapy Nov. 24-26


Stroke survivors often need many hours of intensive speech therapy to reach their goals. Typical speech therapy rates are $100-150/hour, but we charge a fraction of this cost. We are committed to providing affordable services for as long as people with aphasia need them. There is no restriction on age, type of aphasia, severity, or time post-onset.  Furthermore, the client decides when they are ready to discharge. Due to our model, we cannot bill insurance. Our services are private pay only.