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To provide high-quality, affordable therapy services to people with aphasia, to conduct research on aphasia, and to provide education and training to students, care partners, and the community.

About Us

Atlas Aphasia Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our goal is to improve the lives of people with aphasia through affordable therapy, aphasia research, and education/training. Over 2 million Americans have aphasia, but many people have never heard the term or know what it means.


Aphasia is a language disorder following stroke, tumor, or brain injury. It affects talking, understanding, reading, and writing – but it affects everyone differently! It can range from virtually no ability to speak (severe aphasia) to occasional difficulty thinking of words (mild aphasia).

Atlas Aphasia Center aims to fill in the service gaps for people with aphasia. We feel that the medical system rarely offers the support needed to fully re-engage with work, family, hobbies, and other activities after a stroke or brain tumor. We are here to help bridge those gaps.


There is no restriction on age, type of aphasia, severity, or time post-onset. If you have been discharged from traditional therapy services, you can still join us at Atlas!

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