To provide high-quality, affordable therapy services to people with aphasia, to conduct research on aphasia, and to provide education and training to students, care partners, and the community.

What Makes Us Different

Atlas Aphasia Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was founded to provide people with aphasia the therapy they need to meet their personal, social, and work-related goals. 


We serve adults with a history of stroke, brain tumor, or infection that impacts their language skills (diagnosis of aphasia).

Many hours of speech therapy (and often even more hours of practice), are necessary to make progress with something as intricate as language. Recovery often involves an extensive process of re-education, adaptation, and support.


Medical insurance typically allows for 2 or 3 hours of speech therapy per week. Sadly, this often isn’t enough. (And what happens when insurance benefits run out and speech therapy is discontinued?)


Communication is a basic human right, and medical insurance shouldn’t dictate the amount, type, or quality of speech services received.


In some cases, intensive aphasia therapy may be warranted. You can receive up to 1 hour per day at our clinic, depending on client needs and therapist recommendations. This equates to 12 hours per month in typical settings, and up to 20 hours per month at Atlas!

We know that stroke survivors often need many hours of intensive speech therapy to reach their goals. Typical speech therapy rates are $100-150/hour. We charge a fraction of this cost, and are committed to providing affordable services for as long as people with aphasia need them.


There is no restriction on age, type of aphasia, severity, or time post-onset.  Furthermore, the client decides when they are ready to discharge. Due to our model, we cannot bill insurance, and our services are private pay only.